CSR 10/10 CSR 10/10 10 library refurbishments for the 10th anniversary of PEKAES on the Warsaw Stock Exchange

The objective of the action is to help local communities by ensuring universal access to books and magazines, through the refurbishment of 10 libraries selected in a vote. PEKAES, in executing this project, wishes to pay attention to the importance of reading and to emphasize the care for its employees. Communities, by submitting their ideas and then voting, can realistically influence the improvement of the local library.

Principles of the undertaking

The project is run in the form of a contest. Out of all libraries which were submitted for it, 10 were selected, in which refurbishments took place. The company, together with its employees, and the cooperation of business partners and subcontractors, undertook to refurbish 10 libraries, which collected the largest number of votes.


Why 10 libraries?

The convention of the program refers to the 10th anniversary of PEKAES's presence on the Warsaw Stock Exchange celebrated this year. During this time, due to profound reorganization changes and constant development, the company improved its efficiency in all segments of its business operations. And thus, it has become the leading logistics operator in the country. This means it can compete effectively with leaders on the European markets - it wins the largest tenders and acquires key reference clients.


 The project is executed jointly with Kulczyk Foundation and

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