We respect tradition
and care for the future

We are one of the largest TSL sector companies.


Through continuous development, we now employ 1,000 people at the PEKAES Group. We are happy to share our knowledge and rich history. We enable professional development in various fields and across different locations in Poland.


As a company with 60 years of experience, we believe in the potential of intergenerational cooperation, which is why at PEKAES we employ both ambitious young people, making their first steps on the job market as well as experts with many years of professional experience.

PEKAES Development Academy

The Development Academy is a set of development initiatives - training cycles, competitions, projects - which aim to constantly improve the qualifications of all PEKAES employees.

Sales Academy

This is a series of related training seminars addressed to all sales team employees in our company. A professional trainer with extensive experience in the TSL industry shares their skills and experience leading to an increase in the performance of each salesperson.

"Smart Start" On-boarding sessions

This is A comprehensive on-boarding program for new employees which not only allows you to learn about the organization and the nature of a given position, but primarily provides an opportunity exchange experiences and insights between the new employees and their more experienced colleagues.

Skills Academy

This is an open project for developing the skills of our company's employees. The themes of the training sessions were inspired by the skills model in place at PEKAES and the needs of the employees indicated during a semi-annual appraisal. Through this, everyone will be able to effectively accomplish their annual targets and the tasks set for them, and also to develop their personal skills. As part of the Competence Academy, training sessions on Time management, Business presentations, Effective negotiations and MS Excel are available.

Management Academy

These are development activities addressed at the management of our company. As part of this academy, both practical workshops for Terminal and Distribution Managers as well as inspirational Leadership meetings for top management are held.

PEKAES Benefits Zone

All PEKAES employees are covered by the benefit zone, so immediately after staring employment, everyone has an opportunity to use various additional services that we offer to our team members.

PEKAES in numbers
over 60 years
on the TSL market
All staff working subject to employment contracts
2017, 2018, 2019, 2021
21 branches
52 years
age difference between the oldest and the youngest employee
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