"Heading towards Development" internship program

How to be accepted for the program?
Applying and compiling documents

To participate in the recruitment process for the "Heading towards Development" program, prepare a "Logistics and Transport - Associations and Differences" presentation and send in your CV. From among the applications sent, we select those that meet our criteria.

Telephone interviews

These will enable us to check key abilities and enable Candidates to further their knowledge about the internship program at by PEKAES.

Recruitment interviews / Assessment Centre

For us this is a key stage. We strive to create a friendly environment, which even at this stage will help the trainee to become familiar with our work standards. We want to learn about the professional experience of the candidates and, above all, focus on the candidate's attitude and potential.


Each person who will get to the 3rd stage shall receive verbal feedback, which we hope will be useful for the future.

During the internship you will have an opportunity to gain experience in the field of: 

  • Work structure in the process of receiving and allocating good,
  • Control over the cross-docking process,
  • Customer complaints and shortages levels analyses,
  • Creating specifications and performance statistics,
  • Solving problems related to the work of a terminal.

The best trainees, will have an opportunity to work for PEKAES!

Contact us
Justyna Trzcińska
HR Manager