Applying and compiling documents

From among the applications sent, we select those that best meet our criteria. We are guided by both qualifications and experience, CV accuracy as well as that something, which makes your application stand out.

Telephone interview

Telephone interviews allow us to verify your key skills and abilities. And the candidates are able to find out more about the given job.

Recruitment meetings or Assessment Centre

This is a key stage of recruitment. We strive to create a friendly environment, which even at this stage will help the candidate to become familiar with our work standards. We want to learn about the professional experience of the candidates and, above all, focus on the candidate's attitude.


Each person who took part in the 3rd stage receives feedback regardless of the recruitment result. We believe that the feedback can be useful in the future.

„Smart Start”

A comprehensive on-boarding program for new employees which allows you to learn about the organization and the nature of a given position, and also provides an opportunity to exchange experiences and insights between the new employees and their more experienced colleagues.

New terminal employees are covered by a dedicated on-boarding program developed by their colleagues.
31/03/2021 Kierownik Terminalu
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31/03/2021 Specjalista ds. Sprzedaży Stacjonarnej
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31/03/2021 Kierownik Działu Spedycji Całopojazdowej
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31/10/2021 Specjalista ds. Administracji Transportu
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30/03/2021 Spedytor Drobnicowy Międzynarodowy
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31/03/2021 Specjalista ds. Rekrutacji i Rozwoju
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15/03/2021 Młodszy Specjalista ds. Kontrolingu
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25/03/2021 Kierownik Sortowni
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04/03/2021 Specjalista ds. Windykacji
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