26/04/2018 Business Development

PEKAES on the Investment Road

PEKAES, the leading logistic operator, is increasing its activity on the Silk and Amber Road. Last year the company serviced hundreds of trains carrying goods from Baltic ports. The quantity of goods transported this way to the Łódź terminal doubled. Such dynamic development would not be possible without further investments which are being announced by the PEKAES Group.

From the moment of its takeover of the SPEDCONT company in 2013, the PEKAES Group has been investing incessantly in the development of the transport of goods from China and from Baltic ports located in Gdynia and Gdańsk. Thanks to the expansion of the cargo handling terminal in Łódź, the company may currently store even 3,500 forty-foot containers, i.e. 25 percent more than last year. By the end of April, the company is planning to finish the expansion of the 13-hectare terminal. This will enable it to increase the volume of shipments and reloading of goods transported from China and from sea ports.

“Last year the turnover of the SPEDCONT terminal in Lódź increased by over 40 percent in comparison with the previous year. This year we are expecting further increase in trans-shipments –  the quantity of goods from sea ports may grow even by one third, whereas in the case of shipments from China we forecast at least a 20-percent increase. Such dynamic growth requires constant investments, this is why the expansion of the Łódź terminal is of strategic importance for us, says Marcin Dobruchowski, President of the Management Board of SPEDCONT.

This year the company purchased further container semi-trailers, which will expand their fleet to nearly 150. The installation and commissioning of another bridge crane has been planned in the terminal, as well as equipping the entire facility with new trucks for container handling. The investments also include technology. Currently, modern IT systems for freight forwarding and storage yard management are being introduced, which should significantly improve the effectiveness and streamline the handling. 

SPEDCONT, as a company which constitutes part of the PEKAES Group, offers a comprehensive offer of intermodal services to its Clients. It ensures not only deliveries of containers from ports to terminals or to the Client’s siding, but also the full handling service, delivery of containers from the terminal using HGVs, transport by the Trans-Siberian line, siding transport in ports, as well as safe and eco-friendly transport of containers within the territory of Poland. Thanks to the fact that PEKAES has sea freight forwarding offices in Gdynia and Szczecin, it may also offer many additional services to its Clients, such as full customs clearance handling, port services in Poland and abroad, storage, packaging and customising goods.

“The expansion of the handling terminal in Łódź constitutes our response to the dynamic development of goods shipments on the Amber and Silk Road. Intermodal services carried out by the SPEDCONT company, which is part of the PEKAES Group, enjoy huge interest on the part of Clients. Currently, in the course of the week, we offer 10 connections from and to the Gdynia and Gdańsk in total. Next quarter we are planning to increase the number of connections to 12, because this is what our Clients require. We can say that investments are, on the one hand, the response to market expectations, and on the other hand – the driver behind our growth,” admits Maciej Bachman, President of the Management Board of the PEKAES Group.