01/10/2018 Product Development

PEKAES now using the logistics label GS1

PEKAES, a leading logistics operator, has implemented the standard of a transport label conforming to the GS1 standard. The label identifies every logistics unit of any composition, at any location and time, in the entire chain of supply. Use of the GS1 label brings measurable benefits to both customers and the logistics operator.

The GS1 label is used more and more broadly. It enables the parties involved in the goods delivery process (e.g. wholesalers, manufacturers, distributors, and operators) to share information about the goods in transport in a standard way that is comprehensible in any part of the world.

The logistics label contains information encrypted in the GS1 bar code and legible data, such as content of the parcel and other information important to the carrier or the consignee. The most important part of the GS1 label is the Serial Shipping Container Code, which is a unique number on the global scale. The GS1 label is used simultaneous with the existing parcel labelling system.