27/02/2019 Business Development

SPEDCONT partners with Rail Cargo Group to support connections with Turkey

Rail Cargo Group (RCG) chose SPEDCONT to service transshipment on the new Poland-Turkey connection. The testing phase has successfully ended, and the connection is now operating regularly in both directions. Apart from terminal services, SPEDCONT offers drop-offs of containers to the warehouses, otherwise known as the last mile delivery.

SPEDCONT, a subsidiary of PEKAES Group, is responsible for the process of transshipment and freight transport between the warehouses of the Rail Cargo Group (RCG) customers, and the Łódź terminal.

– In the SPEDCONT terminal in Łódź, the customer mainly expects quick and efficient transshipment service, which shortens the time of freight transport to Turkey. The operation is based on transshipment of the containers, which are then shipped to Halkali (Istanbul), a Turkish intermodal hub, which is growing in importance when it comes to trade. We are optimistic about the development of the connection frequency – says Marcin Dobruchowski, Chairman of the Management Board of SPEDCONT

Currently, the Austrian operator realises weekly import and export connections on the Poland–Turkey route. The route for the new rail connection goes through Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria.

– SPEDCONT terminal in Łódź is located in an excellent place and has great operational capacities. What is more, the company employs experienced workers, who provide professional service of the projects. Those qualities are appreciated by the contractors from both Europe and Asia. I’m glad that RCG − one of the top European intermodal operators, appreciated SPEDCONT’s competence, and chose the company to support the new connection with Turkey – says Maciej Bachman, Chairman of the Management Board of PEKAES.

SPEDCONT terminal in Łódź is developing dynamically. Over the last four years, the volume of operated trains has increased significantly, both on the national and Poland–China routes. In 2018 the number of trains tripled in comparison with 2015.

SPEDCONT and CHEMIKALS, subsidiaries of PEKAES Group, were among the laureates of the 19th edition of “Gazele Biznesu” ranking, which lists the fastest developing small and medium-sized companies.