05/08/2019 Product Development

To Greece not only on holiday. New PEKAES partner and direct service to Greece.

PEKAES, the leading logistics operator began working with a new partner in Greece – the Intertrans SA company. From June this year, PEKAES offers regular and direct groupage lines from Poland to Greece. The service also includes distribution of groupage shipments in Cyprus.

PEKAES jointly with Intertrans SA. – an operator with more than 35 years of experience in the market of logistical services – offers weekly direct groupage service to Greece.

“We are expanding our offer with a regular connection to Greece. We offer our customers a comprehensive service in this direction at a very attractive price. The loading of the goods is carried out each Friday and on Monday consignments are at the terminal of the Greek partner in Thessaloniki” said Marek Tkaczyk, Director of the PEKAES International Network.

Thanks to the established cooperation, the delivery time of shipments transported from Poland to Greece was significantly shortened. Furthermore, PEKAES may also provide the delivery of goods to Cyprus.

“We started the year with significant investments in an area that is key for our business – groupage distribution. In parallel with the intensive development of the domestic network of distribution terminals, we are expanding our operational capabilities in the field of international groupage distribution. After Ukraine and France, Greece is the next country in which PEKAES strengthens its presence” added Maciej Bachman, President of the Management Board of PEKAES.

PEKAES offers distribution of international groupage consignments in 40 European countries, implementing it in the network several foreign partners.