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Efficient, global supplier, always on time | PEKAES operating sea freight to and from China

PEKAES expands LTL freight shipping in Europe, launches new terminals and establishes new partnerships worldwide. The company has been noting record growths in the sector of sea freight forwarding. Over the last few years, China has become a popular destination for PEKAES operation. We asked Kajetan Jagłowski, Head of the PEAKES Sea and Air Freight Forwarding to tell us more about the overseas operations of the company.

What is the significance of sea freight forwarding in the operation of the PEKAES group?

Sea freight forwarding is one of our core areas of business. Each year PEKAES transports hundreds of thousands of tons of goods which reach and arrive from the farthest corners of the world. We deliver to China, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, India, Australia, Israel and North American countries. I can confirm that sea freight services have gained in importance in the recent years and Poland has become an important transshipment hub. The expansion of the Gdynia and Gdańsk Ports have surely contributed to the growing volume of cargo and brought about other benefits. Sea freight forwarding offers a variety of transportation solutions - we arrange transportation of full container loads as well as oversized cargo in specialized containers. The company specializes in LCL sea freight. Our own distribution network in Poland and abroad enables efficient delivery even the very next day after the check-in of the goods. And above all, this solution is highly cost-effective.

What services can PEKAES offer to companies that trade with China?

We can offer nearly everything. PEKAES is a logistics operator offering our Customers transportation and reloading of various goods in seaports. We will also arrange your insurance and ensure the proper performance of block orders offering a full range of forwarding and transport services for sea shipments in the door-to-door system. The company has its own sea and port forwarding offices in Gdynia and Szczecin, a new customs agency in Świnoujście, and can embrace the entire customs service for you.

Please note that SPEDCONT, one of the major companies in the transportation of goods by rail from and to China, is also part of the PEKAES Group. Our business offers enormous potential to provide various forms of transport and to cooperate with Customers on many business levels.

With our trusted and dependable agents we always offer reliable assistance and advice on how to solve nearly all of your logistics problems. We will handle a batch of your containers, a load that is significantly oversize or deal with a single pallet you need to have delivered.

What goods will we find on the ships sailing from the Far East?

We transport a variety of loads, including electronics, furniture, interior finishing materials, household appliances, laboratory equipment, rubber granules and toys. 

What makes the PEAKES offer special in terms of transport on the China-Europe-China route?

Our Customers can rely on a complete range of services, combining sea and rail freight forwarding, warehouse service, domestic and international road transport. This way all the logistics processes become simpler and delivery times are much shorter. Another key element in the facilitation of our project handling is the modern warehouse located in the immediate vicinity of the Baltic Container Terminal and Gdynia Container Terminal, near the bypass road of the Trójmiasto area. The warehouse is connected to the national and European network of PEKAES LTL distribution terminals. This allows us to offer truly individual solutions for virtually any type of load.

The New Silk Road has created new growth opportunities for many companies. In your opinion, what potential benefits does it offer for the PEKAES Group?

Certainly, cooperation with Chinese contractors has brought many benefits for many Polish and European companies. Our business has also gained a lot. Every day SPEDCONT handles transports on the Łódź-Chengdu route. Together we ensure delivering goods from the ports of Gdynia and Gdańsk to the terminals or to the Customer’s siding.

Have you noticed growing customer interest in sea freight forwarding recently?

We are seeing greater interest in maritime transport, which does not surprise me especially in the context of recent events. Sea freight forwarding has become very competitive compared to other branches. Especially Short Sea solutions - an alternative to full truck transport. With such setup we are able to arrange deliveries from Spain, Portugal or to the United Kingdom.

However, it does take a long time to transport cargo by sea. What, then, makes it more efficient for customers?

It’s true that the time of delivery is longer, but choosing this option of transportation you pay much less than, for example, when transporting goods by a plane or truck. Customers are looking for cost-effective measures and guaranteed safe supply of deliveries, and ask us to arrange the complete process covering cargo handling, port and customs services as well as insurance. On our part, we go to great lengths to optimize the entire supply chain and this way shorten the delivery time of containers to final customers.

Recently PEKAES reported on the transport of liquefied natural gas (LNG) imported to Poland. Was this cargo also transported by sea?

The entire operation of the tank-container transportation included several stages, and one of them was maritime transport. SPEDCONT, which deals with rail and road transport as well as handling and storage of various loads, including dangerous goods, the so-called ADR, was awarded a contract to carry the tank-container filled with gas. The first stage included collecting the new tank-container from the Customer in southern Poland and then delivering it to the port of Gdynia by road. Next, we performed an efficient loading of the cargo on a ship sailing to the container port. Another stage of the operation, this time by road, brought the container to the refinery. There it was filled with gas (LNG) and the cargo was set off on its way back. After the transshipment in the port of Gdynia, the loaded tank-container was sent by rail to the Łódź SPEDCONT terminal, where it was loaded on a truck and delivered to the Customer.

How big of a challenge was it for your group?

It was a first of its kind. The inter-modal transportation of gas must meet many recommendations in terms of ADR and RID goods carriage. SPEDCONT offers the services of the appropriate technical facilities and specialist rolling stock. Combining our maritime and rail freight services we have completed the operation and may proudly say it was a success.

You have celebrated 60 years in the TSL business two years ago.  Before we finish our interview I would like to ask you about the company's recent investments.

As the leading provider of transportation and logistics services on the Polish market we proactively anticipate changes and continue to work efficiently and are committed to offer our Customers even more. As far as the PEKAES distribution network is concerned, last year we launched modern terminals in Białystok, Bydgoszcz, Kielce, Legnica and Opole. This year, new facilities were also added to our group, including a terminal in Mińsk Mazowiecki, Lublin and a logistics warehouse in Pass. We are now looking forward to new challenges and investments in the LTL and intermodal sectors, as well as working on a better and more interesting offers in terms of sea freight forwarding.

Thank you for the interview.