11/05/2022 CSR


PEKAES Pomaga (PEKAES Helps) was established to help those in need. We did not expect, however, that we would be required to help those directly affected by war. What have we managed to accomplish so far?

We joined a campaign organized by the Council of Wrocław’s Muchobór Wielki estate. On the part of PEKAES, our efforts were coordinated by Agata Smolarek, Branch Manager. We collected four pallets of cosmetics, cleaning agents, non-perishable foods, medicines and hygienic items.

Martyna Andrzejczyk, a PEKAES Pomaga volunteer, took part in an event organized by the Plush Welcome Committee. Wearing a costume of a popular cartoon character, she was welcoming Ukrainian children arriving at Warsaw Central Station, offering them sweets and treats. Our staff donated large quantities of sweets for that specific purpose!
“I want to believe that the kids, disembarking the train after leaving a war zone, will only remember meeting us. They received some sweets and could hug us and play with us - it seems that pulling our tails appealed to them the most :-)” – said Martyna, summing up the campaign.

Transporting the donated gifts in Warsaw was another initiative that PEKAES took part in. The task was to move the collected items from a collection point in an ex-supermarket building in Warsaw’s Kabaty district, to a location in Dereniowa street, where the support was to be handed out. So many items have been collected that the PEKAES delivery van needed to make three runs to transport them all. The campaign was coordinated, on the PEKAES side, by a PEKAES Pomagam volunteer Magdalena Pietrewicz. The original purpose was to collect items for our guests from Ukraine who are housed, temporarily, at the Arena Ursynów sports venue. However, the generosity of Warsaw’s residents and other sponsors exceeded our boldest expectations, which meant that professional means of transport were required.

Our colleagues from the Mińsk Mazowiecki branch joined a collection of foodstuffs and chemicals for refugees who found a home with a family living in the vicinity of Hrubieszów. Being a logistics company, we provided space where the items could be stored before they were handed over to those in need. The colleagues from our Kielce branch participated in collections taking place in Sobków and Piekoszów. The PEKAES logistics warehouse in Słubice, in turn, allocated approx. 150 square meters of space for the needs of Fundacja Pomagamy. The location is used to collect gifts for refugees from Ukraine, arriving primarily from Germany, Great Britain and Belgium. These include mainly foodstuffs, hygienic items and cosmetics. Once per week, all those items are shipped over to Ukraine. Some are distributed at the train station in Rzepin, while some are handed out among refugees in Słubice and its vicinity. Krzysztof Puchta, one of our employees, opened his home and welcomed a mother and a daughter fleeing Ukraine. To support themn, Krzysztof organized a fundraiser (link here>>) - all Employees and other volunteers are welcome to donate. Even the smallest amounts count.

Being a part of the GEODIS Group, we are also actively taking part in the international efforts our company is taking jointly with the French Red Cross. The principles based on which help and support are offered are very simple - every single zloty (euro or another local currency unit) donated will be matched by the same amount donated by GEODIS (link to the fundraiser >>). Through other partnerships,  we are also making our warehousing space available to gift collection campaigns and are always willing to help if the collected items need to be transported.  

We must not fail to mention our support for pets - dogs from a Ukrainian shelter. Blankets and bedspreads that may be used for dog bedding have been collected, as have been disinfectants needed while caring for large numbers of pets.  

The needs are endless, and we intend to continue our efforts. We are proud of our Employees who are actively taking part, in groups or individually, in numerous initiatives supporting the refugees from Ukraine. We know our that the numbers of those in need are immense. Therefore, we shall continue to support them, in keeping with the idea based on which PEKAES Pomaga was established.