Network Business Unit

Contract Logistics

60 000 mp on more than 50 000 m²

Contract logistics by PEKAES is a service that includes a number of operations carried out on the warehouse space, unloading, deconsolidation, storage, after receiving the order, picking the order, packing, securing and preparing for distribution. It also includes a number of additional services, such as foiling, creating promotional sets or labeling. Ask for an offer!


We provide:

  • storage of goods and stocks management,
    (shared terminals, dedicated terminals, so-called "in house" logistics production),
  • complementing according to agreed principles, including FIFO, FEFO, management of batches and expiry dates,
  • packaging,
  • preparation of transport units according to the recipients requirments (trade networks),
  • handling of the return of goods,
  • pallet management.

In addition, we offer:

  • consolidation of goods delivered in containers together with the services of securing cargo in a container (stevedoring),
  • decolidation of containers, unloading and palletizing,
  • co-packing and labelling,
  • creation of promotionals sets and stands,
  • marking of units according to GS1 standards.

IT systems on which we work:

  • WMS connected to the interface with the transport system TMS SPEED,
  • Web booking Q4web with on-line report tab.

The sectors which we operate:

  • FMCG,
  • retail,
  • trade networks
  • chemical,
  • industry, 
  • paper industry.


  • ISO 22000:2005 with HACCP
  • ISO 9001:2008