Network Business Unit

Domestic Groupage

1 200 vehicles equipped with mobile devices

We provide:

  • the transport of groupage consignments even in 24h,
  • the transshipment and consolidation of consignments, in own 20 terminals
  • 600 regular line connections
  • the carriage of ADR dengerous goods,
  • Truck&Trace tracking of shipments.

In addition, we offer:

  • the turnover of pallets,
  • a simplified transport documentation system,
  • the collection of cash for goods on behalf of the Sende,
  • the declaration of value,
  • Cargo insurance.
PEKAES domestic forwarding of groupage (LTL) freight [LTL DOM] – forwarding service for shipments within Poland, concerning palletised shipments with an actual gross weight of up to 4999 kg or up to 8 pallet places prepared on EUR-pallets or other pallets approved by PEKAES, where the maximum height of the pallet with the goods shall not exceed 2 m, and its actual gross weight shall not generally exceed 1000 kg. For pallets other than EUR-pallets the actual weight of the shipment shall match the properties of the pallet, and it shall not in any case exceed 1000 kg gross. Different packaging may be used as long as it does not prevent PEKAES from mechanical unloading and loading of the shipment, whereas the length of the longest side of packaging shall not exceed 2.40 m, the volume shall not exceed 5 cubic metres and the weight of any packaging in the shipment shall not exceed 1000 kg gross. Each logistic unit shall be available for standard internal means of transport such as forklift.

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